How to use Rad Round-2

Large Round: Hips

Sit down and slowly roll onto the round. Make small circles around tight points and work through all the muscular areas of the hip and around the ball and socket joint.

Large Round: Neck

Place the round on the floor and slowly lower the back of your neck onto it. Start at the base of the skull and make small circles, moving locations every 10–20 seconds. Work from the back of the neck to just under your ear and repeat on both sides.

Large Round: Hamstring Insertion

Sit on a chair or table so you can let your lower leg hang down. Place the round just in front of one sit bone and work small circles to help free up the connecting muscle.

Large Round: Calves

Sit down on the floor and place your mid-calf on the round. Make small circles around tight areas and work around the entire calf, moving every 10–20 seconds. Dig deeper with this move with the help of the RAD Block.

Large Round: Feet Flushing

Sit in a chair and place the round on the ground. Place your foot on the round and roll it around (pushing down with your leg to control pressure).

Large Round: Scalp

The large, softer round is ideal for areas that are close to bone, like the scalp or neck. Rest your head on the round and work around the scalp and behind the ears. Use only the weight of your head for pressure and make small circles on tense areas.

Small Round: Hands

Place the round on a solid surface and make small circles on the palm of your hand. Be sure to hit the thick muscles on the palm right below the thumb.

Small Rounds: Feet

Use standing (or under your desk for extra points) and roll slowly around the inside of the arch, stopping to make small circles on tight areas. Lighten up if it hurts and only work on one spot for 10–20 seconds max.

Small Rounds: Face

Use your hand to gently roll the round around your face in small circular motions (around the jaw joint or above the eyes near the eyebrows, around your temples and across the hairline).

Small Round: Neck

While standing or seated in a chair, hold the round at the back of your neck right below the skull. Use the weight of your head to create pressure as you move the round in small circles around the area.

Rounds Basics

*The RAD Roller is not meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Talk to your doctor before using the RAD Roller. Please roll responsibly.