by Rad Roller October 29, 2017 1 min read

Self Myofascial Release (SMR) stimulates and opens muscles up to allow effective stretching, promote better joint alignment, reduce exercise induced soreness and combat postural stiffness. Importantly, it reduces your chances of injury and improves your bodies overall adaptability. Allowing you to better respond to the daily demands you place on your body. By applying effective SMR techniques you can smooth out those hard knots, returning the fascia to a normal fluid and adaptable state.

Research is showing that for fascial release to be effective it doesn’t necessarily need to be done with large amounts of pressure rather less pressure done daily.

* Gentle sustained pressure through point release.

* Applied to areas of restriction for a sustained period of time.

* As a general rule 10 breath cycles or roughly 2 mins is recommended.

* Slow rhythmic oscillations help break up knots and dissipate adhesions.

* A smooth continuous flushing technique.

* Slowly travelling lengthwise along the muscle.

* With some downward pressure, like squeezing out a sponge.

* 20 movements (avoid boney areas and insertions).

* Shearing a technique of pressing and pulling or twisting your tissue.

* Promotes fluidity and a desired gliding action between tissue.

* Similar to flushing, should last for 10 breath cycles or around 2mins

* Post SMR let your body FEEL the difference by promoting movement of the restricted are through a greater range of movement.

* Repeat 1-2x a day to affect lasting change and find unleash your potential.